Today was a scorcher early in the day...30C by 10am! It was too hot to work in the garden, so most had to wait until sundown, when it was a little cooler. Removed more bolted celery...left just one for seed saving. Will do the same with celeriac. Light weeding around the bush tomatoes. Netting around the currants...birds like them! I've decided where to plant that currant bush now, so it can go in this week. Picked more herbs. Planted Gotu Kola (pennywort). The new comfrey plant is doing great, as are all the mints. I want to get more of the flavoured mints...and more of the scented geraniums. I have rose geranium and lemon geranium at this stage. Must source scented geraniums of cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, lime, orange, ginger, and apricot.Must also source further scented mints of banana, ginger, grapefruit, sweet lemon, hazelnut, pear, lemon/lime, lavender, marshmallow, orange, pineapple, wintergreen, spice and wild berries....anyone know where I can get these or some of them, I'd love to hear from you Watered the garden thoroughly as the day was very hot and very drying. At least the ground is nice and warm, and the second sowing of beans are now through, as are the second sowing of sugar snap peas and broad beans. Some rain tomorrow would be nice.

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