January 2009 saw my partner and I digging up the back lawn in prepartation for a small vegetable garden. I have never been a gardener ha haha. Now the garden has been extended twice in the last 3 months and I am still wondering where I am going to put everything. Most of the garden is now planted and wouldn't you know it we may not be here long enough to harvest all of the garden and fruit this year. So I am putting some of the extra seedling into pots just in case.

Even though its just the two of us at homes mostly I am hoping to get enough tomates, cannellini beans, chilli's, peppers, courgettes to preseve enough to last us the winter expecailly with the tomates and the basil. I really missed having fresh basil for lasanga last winter. My kids think we are nuts, but well I am enjoying the satisfaction of seeing something grow from seed to seedling to being able to pick from the garden and cook it.

The latest addition to the garden has been sweetcorn (to act as a windbreak) and the cannellini beans, which are now just popping their heads up. I have a lovely green caterpillar on my cherry tomatoes so need to find hopefully an organic spray to get rid of him.

The gerkhins are starting to flower as are the dwarf beans and the ghourds and some of the potates. The early potatoes that I planted never flowered and are now dieing down, so goodness know what I will find. The cherry tomatoes are fruiting up and I get to pick about a dozen strawberries a week off my 10 plants. Those I need more of, just waiting to have some spouting delivered to increase the strawberry patch. I do keep threathening my lovely partner with using the tree hut roof as a strawberry patch,and no its not in a tree anymore but a few feet off the ground.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get a reasonable growing season, since its cool today, who knows. Now its time to go and sort out my dance costume for tonight.

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