Okay, I know this is a blog site about growing food . . . . but I aint growing much in the way of food yet . . . but I did manage to wrestle the rose garden bed into submission over the course of this weekend. It was an epic battle, and involved the digging out of a large succulent (which fortunately had very shallow roots) but the garden is now composted, mulched and edged with rocks. Oh, and has three carpet roses planted in it (two of which may or may not survive - they've lived in pots for months and were a bit neglected due to my surgery and yeah . . . they may spring back). Anyway, photos!!

Anyway, I've posted some photos in the photo section (can't work out how to get them to link where I want them). There's one of the completed bed . . . . one of the mess I made doing it . . . . a couple of some more hidden treasures that I found (the aloe plant I found last week, one I found while I was digging out the succulent that was even bigger, and a completely pretty blue rock), a couple of the rose bushes by the front door that I planted to mark the house as MINE . . . a shot of the area under the kitchen window that I want to turn into a kitchen garden which is completely unstructured at the moment (the pots contain my lemon tree, my lime tree, and my new strawberry plants - getting the lemon and lime planted in this area is my priority for next weekend and then I'll work on the rest of the garden around them), and lastly a shot of the rest of the back yard (including my laundry). As you can see it's all pretty much a huge mess at the moment and pretty horrible looking and I have no idea what to do with it (although I do know, rather perversely, what I want to do at the front of the house should time and money ever allow!)

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