With the sudden shift in weather from hot and dry to hot and VERY humid, (from under 60% and regularly under 55% to 82% right now) especially in the North of NZ, it seems to me there are a number of things gardeners need to make decisions about and I'd be glad of some input.

  1. I have a standard spray fungal/mildew resistance using baking soda and a splash oil cooking oil to help it stick to the plants but it should go on before the rain, is there anything you use afterwards? Organic please.
  2. The tomatoes are looking great but not yet colouring up, I'm concerned that they might start to get blight and I'd be happy to take off the biggest ones to ripen off the vine rather than lose them. Advice or suggestions welcome.
  3. The corn is also on the cusp of harvest. What are the risks of leaving it through this kind of weather?
  4. Slightly off topic; what is this on my Austrian oilseed pumpkin?It looks like some kind of rot and it became visible when I picked it yesterday. It was on the top so resting on the ground can't be the cause. Any clues? I have several good ones with no blemishes and I'm picking them all now because the advice from Kay Baxter is that if they get rain at this late stage the seeds inside can decide to sprout.

    BTW, after picking, I am also wiping down the surfaces of all the pumpkins with bleach to resist moulds etc and then with wormwood to discourage rodents.

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