Typical! It's been warm and sunny here in Cambridge all week whilst I've been at work, but now the weekend is coming up the forecast is for rain.

Those lettuce, radish and pak choi seeds I put in the garden last week are already germinating!

No more caulis for a week or two, but the broccoli is still going strong. The leeks are still rather skinny, but a few could be harvested next week. Carrots have been great but won't keep us going for many more weeks - must remember to sow fortnightly rather than put loads in then forget about it for a couple of months. The brussels sprouts vary - some are huge, but not enough for a meal. Most are still marble-sized. Still got enough spinach to feed Cambridge though. Luckily the chooks like it: they get any leaves that have holes in!

Beetroot, carrot, spring onion and pea seeds went in this month but haven't come up yet.

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