Some of you may be aware that Ooooby is a social business.  This means that our main reason for being in business is to rebuild our local food systems for the benefit of the society we live in. This does not mean that we are a volunteer organisation. Everyone at Ooooby gets paid market rates for their time and expertise.

Ooooby is also a not-for-profit organisation, which simply means that after everyone else is paid, the left over goes back into Ooooby and not into some lucky ducks back pocket.

The image a breakdown of where the $28 goes from an Original Ooooby Box with our current sales volume.

Interesting how it all adds up eh?  Note: If we exclude the IRD’s share of the pie (GST) then the growers have a full 50% of the share.

It makes you wonder how much the growers must get paid by the supermarkets considering that they have a lot more costs than we do such as rent, product displays, advertising and profit demands from shareholders.

Another interesting outcome is that over the last 12 months Ooooby home delivered prices are on average 4.2% lower than going to the shops to walk around in fluorescent lit aisles and wait in cues.  

When looked at from a business-as-usual standpoint it seems odd that we would publish our expense breakdowns.  This sort of information is usually kept highly confidential for fear of competitors identifying any weak spots or clues to how they can adapt to compete more effectively.  But that’s fine with us.  We believe that by being transparent then you will be better informed and therefore make more conscious buying decisions which ultimately leads to a better food system for all of us.

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Comment by Ricardo Oscar Marques on December 2, 2012 at 11:37pm

Awesome, thanks for this.

Comment by Melissa Spargo on November 23, 2012 at 7:43am

Very interesting breakdown and that honesty really is one of the good reasons to join/support Ooooby!  I'm new to it and hope to offer whatever I can in the way of produce and also to barter produce etc and I've been telling everyone I can about Ooooby!  People are just throwing their money away buying fruit and veges from supermarkets and the roadside vans that seem to sell fresh, local stuff - only it's NOT!  It's almost like we are trained to only buy produce from supermarkets, people are reluctant to change their habits.   Thanks to those who thought of and set up this fantastic idea, am looking forward to meeting like-minded people!

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