Where to get Californian Rabbits in Northland??

Hi All,

I've been raising rabbits for meat for some years now with great success. I raise them entirely on natural homegrown greens that I pick for them, and they do as well if not better than rabbits raised on pellets ... in fact my primary problem is keeping them from getting too fat!

My current breeding stock of rabbits (flemish) is getting a bit old and a bit inbred, and I'm looking  to replace a couple and try a new breed. I don't really like NZ whites and I've always wanted some Cali's but I'm having trouble locating them.

Does anyone know where someone has them in northland, preferably whangarei?

Preferably from a meat farmer as opposed to a show fancier for a better strain, but I'll take whatever I can get.

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Comment by Kate on November 6, 2013 at 10:59pm

hi. i am in helensville, kumeu area northwest auckland. i have 2 girl californians and a male nz white. we will be breeding them shortly. i love my nz white male. he is friendly,good looking and loves to be patted. his lovely violet blue eyes looks totally cute when he is eating blue borage flowers which contrast with his white face and body. the calis are cute too, with their black litle noses and ears.

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