The random weather combined with mass assignments all due at once has seen my garden action days somewhat limited the last month.....but with the last project handed in and many a beauts day lately, ive been reminded of just why i got into gardening in the first place, and how nice it is to just lose track of time and be outside getting amongst it.

Its so easy to get bogged down in non-action gardening life, reading books, making plans.... but to be back with my hands in the soil making progress is what makes me feel the best.

The garlic has finally been planted after weeks of bad timing and inapropriate not sure the moon was in the right place at the time but i guess sometimes things arnt always going to be perfect.....

I prepped the bed two weeks ago by double digging and then putting bokashi contents in at the bottom of each trench...i think the Double dig was a good thing as i pulled out a lot of stubborn weeds that would have maybe caused my garlic grief in the months to come and it also meant that i could get the bokashi a decent way down into the soil.....i also covered the whole bed in a layer of compost slightly worked into the soil.

Followed the bio intensive master charts for plant spacing and created a sweet garlic measure tool out of a 4in wide piece of wood. this made the measuring out alot easier and wow, you can fit alot of garlic into one square metre. Covered the whole lot in pea straw when finished and now eagerly waiting to see the first shoots come up. Yeehaa!!

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Comment by Jools on June 25, 2010 at 5:03pm
Marvellous. My garlic is already popping it little hands up. Did you hear about the "Stop the drilling on the East coast" protests this Sunday. Trying to find out more info. There's a bit in the Herald. See ya next week x

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