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At 9:33pm on June 25, 2012, Andy said…

> you need someone who is a tree expert - southern woods nursery?

> tree crops association?

I am a tree expert. ;-)

I a looked up southern woods nursery. They have only seedlings or ornamental varieties.

I'm member of the NZTCA. I asked Jennifer Hutson about this plants. So far no answer. :-(



At 8:42pm on June 25, 2012, Andy said…

Hello Christy,

> if I lived a wee bit closer I'd offer to help out...

you can help.
We are looking for *fruit* *varieties* of:
- Hickory (Carya ovata)
- Heartnut (Juglans ailanthifolia cordiformis)
- Pecan (Carya illinoinensis)
- Gingo (Ginko biloba)
- Filbert Hazelnut (Corylus maxima)
- Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia or A. canadensis)
We also searching Shipmast Black Locust
(Robinia pseudoacacia) 'Rectissima' or/and ‘Appalachia'.
Large trees, small trees or cuttings would be appreciated.

We also looking for 2000 seeds of respectively:
- Siberian peashrub (Caragana arborescens)
- Osage orange (Maclura pomifera)
- Mexican alder (Alnus jorullensis)
For wind shelter belt.
Do you know a source of these plants and seeds ?

At 6:45am on June 14, 2012, Robyn Guyton said…

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your photos.  Fast growing semi tropical plants wouldn't survive down here in Southland - it took us 8 years to get to the stage you are at after only 3!

At 7:33pm on April 30, 2012, Pete Russell said…

Thanks Christy.

At 9:27am on April 30, 2012, Pete Russell said…

How about tomorrow just before 1pm to pick up the banana passionfruit?

At 9:55am on October 25, 2011, Pete Russell said…
Cool.  I'll let Katherine know.  Thanks Christy.
At 8:38am on October 24, 2011, Pete Russell said…
Both I think.  Which morning suits you best?  Tuesday or Wednesday?
At 4:05pm on September 19, 2011, steve said…
great thanks christy ill txt first then swing by
At 9:33am on July 26, 2011, Robyn Guyton said…
I have up loaded photos of my food forest -  go to Food Forest NZ and click on my icon.  Robyn
At 7:53pm on June 8, 2011, gabriella said…

came across this wonderful blog site..

At 8:17pm on May 16, 2011, Chris Hamilton said…
great thanks Christy, I'm in town tomorrow & Wednesday, will get in touch before the weekend :)
At 9:32am on May 14, 2011, gabriella said…

hope they do.. they should:  here is a link


if not, by all means come with a shovel and dig what you like.. have lots!!

At 10:37am on May 13, 2011, gabriella said…
hi Christy.. hope you found the Pineapple clippings ok.. by your oak barrel :-)
At 1:43pm on May 11, 2011, gabriella said…

they will be wrapped in newspaper at about 4:30is today, by your gate :-)  the rains kept me inside this morning..


At 2:30pm on May 10, 2011, gabriella said…
hi Christy.. had Roz in the garden today. and she has clipped back lots of my Pineapple sage.. i will drop some off today on way to Video Ezy later this avo..around 4:30  i will phone you before hand...or else tomorrow morning i'll place them by your driveway gate entrance..g.
At 7:17pm on April 3, 2011, Jan Lewis said…

Hi Christy

Just to say Thank You for having such a wonderful plant stall at the Fayre today, am thrilled with my seedlings, espec. the Hyssop which has been missing from my garden for too long!  Hope you sold out :)


At 2:01pm on December 19, 2010, gabriella said…

Hi Christy... we'll get there!!  thought to send you some previews of my garden!!! All may be harvested before you come visit... Pineapple Sage won't however!!  see you sometime in the week.. weather permitting.. Loving this rain!

At 9:16am on November 26, 2010, gabriella said…
thought i would try your idea of blackboard garden labels.. are you finding they are still working.. with the chalk and varnish.. looks VERY attractive!
At 9:14am on November 26, 2010, gabriella said…
Really 'digg'n' reading your garden column..i look forward to it.. great!! Best middle or end of next week. if you need any comfrey you are welcome. g.
At 11:18am on November 20, 2010, gabriella said…
HI.. i have loads.. come help yourself!! ring me so i can put my barking pups in the kitchen!

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