The Impact of the Locavore Trend on Local Farmers - Dan Barber, chef at Blue Hill, says its the mid-size farmer that's getting squeezed.

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Comment by Earl Mardle on March 9, 2011 at 8:23am

Thanks for linking this video James. It raises, albeit obliquely, my whole shtick about the economic damage that will necessarily be the side-effect of actual transition and, even more obliquely, the food security predicament entailed in winding down industrial farming.

To make the transition we will have to have actual intervention in the market by community powers, government probably, to do to farming what is hinted at in Christchurch, the state buying up the unlivable land so that whole communities can relocate. We will need the same to be done in food production; the state buying up unsustainable farming land and relocating its economics while maintaining its production.

I feel another blog rant coming on.

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