I have a bio loo -indoor composting toilet, Im very happy with it, but recently I did my first empty of it ( after 2 yrs of usage) and discovered that all the tiger worms I had put in it have dissapeared! Has anyone out there had experience with this does anyone know where i went wrong.I not sure if theyve died or run away, any suggestios are welcome

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We are investigating using composting toilets in our next house. Would be interested to hear about how you went about making the decision which product to use?

hi there

there were a number of reasons for going with the bio loo ,my house is 120 yrs old and has no waste system only had an outside long drop for a toilet. I looked into various types of waste systems such a rotatating bucket system, composting toilets and digging another long drop.I didnt want to be empting waste buckets so that left the composting toilet, I found mine on trade me a guy in the north island makes them, it sounded like the sort of thing i needed so i installed one-not an easy job it involved lots of digging as the large bio loo container needs to be under the house, lucky for me my house is on a hill so it wasnt to bad - it couldnt be done otherwise it would be ok if you were building new and you put it in then.Mines been in two yrs and so far so good-apart from my worms going walk abouts 

1 was the cost - a septic tank system was around $15000, the bio loo all put in cost me $5000

2 I like the idea of being responisble for my own waste

3 I can put the resulting compost on the garden (after 2 more yrs in a compost bin)



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