I've just transplanted some more baby seedlings into yogurt pottles. First I stole the yogurt pottles from the swede seedlings in the garden - they've transplanted well and haven't been devoured yet by the slugs and snails, so maybe we'll have some swede by spring.
Todays seedlings are either kohl rabi or kale (didn't label the trays)...I think they're more likely to be kohl rabi as there were more seedlings in this tray than the other, and I think i planted more kohl rabi seed than kale. These were meant to be a winter vegetable, but I'm guessing they won't be ready till spring/early summer.
I was ruthless when selecting which seedlings to transplant, something I'm not normally very good at, and chose the biggest healthiest looking seedlings. There are 23 in total (ran out of yogurt pottles).
I originally bought this seed with the idea that if we didn't like the kohl rabi, at least the rabbit could eat the tops. Unfortunately our rabbit died last week after being attacked by a cat - didn't have a scratch on her, so I think it must've been the shock that did it.
Maybe the chickens will get the kohl rabi now...

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