Has anyone else had a good crop of apples?

  My trees are absolutely groaning with fruit.  In fact I've got the best garden in a long time even though I started out with a gammy foot. Alas, Hester, my chookies have gone.  I was feeding them when I slipped and broke my ankle, they got the blame and were taken away to a farm.

I'm beginning to read about Nutrient Dense Food. Got information from Kay Baxter.  Very interesting but the cost of the machine to measure it all ($150) I suspect would put people off.  It has me.

I am happy in my ignorance, making compost with grass clippings, native wood shavings, a sprinkle of lime, chicken manure and Rok-Solid (ground up volcanic rock and fish product = about 64 minerals), all in layers.

Since using the Rok-Solid I have noticed the white butterfly are not attacking so much.  The theory - the higher the sugar contact the less the insects will attack.  Or it could have been the plastic replicas I made of the butterfly - they are territorial and shy away if others are there first.  Or it could be the Neem oil sprayed at random when ever I think about it - every 3 weeks? Most of the brassicas have come through unscathed so something is working!

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Comment by Keri on February 13, 2011 at 7:31pm
Hi Robyn, I too have a good crop of Braeburn but I think I have codling moth in most of the apples. Must remember to cut each one up before eating! My garden is full of white butterflies but I'm not too worried as we are moving house. I'll be sad to leave my garden, but there's the excitement of creating a new one :-) Cheers, Keri
Comment by Jane Maarie on February 1, 2011 at 2:43pm

Just a thought, how old are your apple trees Robyn?  It would just give me some idea of how long it would take until my apple trees start drooping with fruit like yours. 

My apple trees are only in their first year of growth so, a long way off yet.  And also, do you use a spraying programme on your apples?  I am on the fence as to wheather or not to use copper spray.  Back when my parents were alive, they did not spray any of their fruit trees, or made or used compost, just let them be as they were & yet every year the trees would be loaded down with fruit which tells me that perhaps, it is not necessary.


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