A little patch of heaven...........in process

This is my first attempt [ever] at writing a "blog". I have heard the term so many times but dismissed it as something other folk do to while away the time!! Well then I must have time on my hands after all the planting I have done in recent weeks.

I am betwixt and between homes having migrated to NZ and moved into a rental property just a few weeks ago. I have adopted a very small patch of newly cleared earth - just 6 x 4 feet - and bought some hefty planters to allow the chance of fulfilling my dream of a veggie garden here in Hawkes Bay.

It is WONDERFUL!! I now have my own patch of veggie heaven having planted sweetcorn [never ever before when in the UK]; broccoli, eggplant and celeriac in the earth patch and loads of tomatoes, rock melon, loads of herbs, courgettes, peas in the planters. I have underplanted a small hedge with rocket, lettuces and yet more basil [a different variety, so that is alright]. My husband is totally bemused by my resurfaced passion [for gardening I must add] and is worrying that the tomatoes will take over my life - I have had the fingerwagging warning - "No More"!!.

If it all comes to fruition I will spend the Summer/Autumn months enjoying some culinary experiments too
Most of the above plants have been gifted by my Ooooby friends around Hawkes Bay and again most of these have been heritage seedlings, which I have not experienced before. To aid their progress my gardenwise daughter has donated several bottles of wormwee.

Just to give you an idea of what I am working with - here are some photos.

Most of the garden has been put to easy care planting and is off limits to my burgeoning green fingers - except to keep the weeds down - but there is a lemon tree [oh how the Friday evening G&T is enhanced by the freshness of the lemon slice], and a passion vine [just flowering and promising some fruits - it does look a little sick in one part but maybe some wormwee will put that right!].

I will renew the photos as this little experiment progresses and after only a few years of veggie-ing back in Good Ole Blighty, it is so good to get my fingernails dirty again. TTFN...........

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Comment by Heather McMillan on November 28, 2009 at 10:16am
The lettuces look amazing!
Comment by Hester on November 23, 2009 at 9:22pm
Go Lyn!!! Love your blog and photos . Look forward to seeing it for real.
Comment by Pete Russell on November 23, 2009 at 8:51pm
You're a natural blogger Lyn. Nice work.


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