We have two avocado trees, both hass seedlings. Being from seeds out of hass you would think they would be both the same "type". Of course you need trees of both type A and B to get cross pollination. However we figured maybe there would be a bit of crossover in the middle of the day and we might get a few fruit.

However our biggest tree is smothered in fruit. It has a full crop, there is probably more than 50 fruit there. Very odd considering that we have no type B.

Anyone know how this happened??

I did wonder ... if they pollinate a type A with a type B, surely that means the seedlings from that are both A and B? If that is the case have we just got a self fertile avocado? Or has one tree sprung to the type A and the other to the type B (as the other tree hasn't got fruit yet).

The fruit on this look mostly like hass, although they do look different some how, maybe less knobbly. Of course they may look more like it once they ripen.

Has anyone got an explanation for this??

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Comment by josephal on May 6, 2011 at 12:03pm
I think there is a male and female flower in one tree opening at different times of the day, I have only one tree and get fruit. You will get a better fruit set if you have both A and B type.
Comment by Stacey King on May 6, 2011 at 10:30am
Probably should add ... this tree is still small and young and this is its first crop so 50 fruit is more than it sounds ...


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