On October 22nd I sowed a selection of bean seeds, including Koanga Rainbow Mix, Purple King, Wonder of Venice, Borlotti, Canneloni, Edame, Shiny Fardenlosa and Golden Wax.
Some of my seed stash came from Ooooby swaps-thanks to everyone who shares.
I'm a part time gardener at the moment, due to having to spend the day elsewhere at work, so, I sowed the beans on my dining table, on newspaper, at night. I put 2 bean seeds per cell in a punnet (so there's a spare if one doesn't germinate) The punnets were then put in the glasshouse to germinate.
Here are some of the germinating beans 8 days later.

Most of the beans germinated despite some seed being 2 or more years old, so I ended up with a lot of bean plants.

My vege garden has only just been reclaimed from the chooks, after Gary constructed a tall fence to keep them out.

Prior to this the garden grew very wild, and days out at work don't make for fast progress in preparing beds for spring planting.


this week I had very lanky bean plants that look like this:

and nowhere to plant them.

I've started digging a new bed for beans next to the new fence.

After all, it's there, so what else would a gardener do but use it to grow plants upwards.

I planted a few bought beans and peas, at Labour Weekend, fooled by some balmy weather-Ha!

In the next few weeks we had southerly gales and then dry nor-westers and the poor plants only just managed to survive.

Another example of Garden Centres selling plants long before they will be safe to plant, but I should have learnt that by now. What was I thinking?

Anyway, the temperatures are now more often mild and so this weekend I dug a bit further and planted about one punnet of the glasshouse beans.

Three to go!

I've pegged a strip of shadecloth to the fence to stop chookie heads sneaking through the netting holes and eating Quash and bean leaves.

Tonight, after a long, hot day (30degrees) working inside, I arrived home and tried to motivate myself to go out and dig a bit further along the fence.

Eventually, after tea, when it was cooler, I gathered up my grass shears and trusty fork, and dug up a bit more grass along the fenceline.

I mixed compost into the forked over soil, added some sheep pellets and finally, as it was getting dark, planted another punnet of beans. I gave them a cupful of water each, sprinkled a bit of Quash around to feed any foraging snails, then packed up and came inside at 8.45pm.

I love these longer, warmer days.

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Comment by Kali on November 17, 2010 at 9:36pm
lovely, I love the loops emerging when beans germinate :)


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