We have 2 new hens and one less rooster.
We used to have 5 hens and a rooster but 3 of our hens died earlier in the year.
With the advent of Spring it became obvious that 2 wives was nowhere near enough for Vincent the Splash Orpington Rooster.
Violet got badly scratched as a result of excessive mating and was hiding in the hen house.
And Vince was bored and frustrated and crowing excessively.
I didn’t think we would be able to get any more mature hens immediately so this week I advertised for a new home, with more wives, for Vincent.
While monitoring the local online poultry trading I spotted some Red Shaver hens for sale at a very reasonable price.
So I bought 2.
The day I went to collect them I thought maybe I wouldn’t sell Vincent after all, now that we had more hens. I had set my asking price relatively high, so that nobody would think to aquire him as a cheap meal. Not to say that he wasn’t worth a good price, as he is a very lovely purebred rooster.
However when I got home and checked my listing, Vincent was sold!
That night a family, Mum,Dad and 3 children, came and collected him.
He is going to live at a bigger property and will have plenty of wives. The children were very excited and I think they will love him.
I will miss my lovely. rooster. He is very tame and friendly, never aggressive and very handsome.

It was very quiet here today.
I don’t think the neighbours are missing him.

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Comment by Jane Robertson on October 20, 2011 at 5:53am

I so understand the dilemma (randy roo and disgruntled neighbours) and the missing!! Your girls look lovely amongst the nasturtiums.


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