So I finally signed up to Ooooby, finally managed to get some gardening done, and thought i'd finally post a blog on here instead of just hunting through everyone else's posts and absorbing too much information.

Today my zucchini finally threw up two nice yellow flowers, so hopefully it will catch up with the masses of flowers on my neglected cucumber plant. If i'm lucky my nice lush green cherry tomatoes will flower. The plants are looking somewhat impressive now, but they're really no good without little tomatoes hanging from them are they?

I planted some 'Tom Thumb' lettuce seeds today, feeling quite pleased with myself as the tiny seeds were nicely spaced in their tray (quite an achievement with long fingernails), so I took them to their little spot in the sun and went to water them, but my beloved (but really silly) dog decided the hose was too frightening and jumped backwards, knocking my tray over and ruining my happy therapeutic morning of planting seeds.

On a better note, my 3 little 'Rainbow Lights' silverbeet plants are doing well, and they've all turned out pink, so that's a bonus. I love silverbeet, but I definitely love it more when it's pretty! If i'm feeling inspired later this afternoon I may throw in some 'Easter Egg' radish seeds, although last time I planted them I got some amazing foliage going on but when I pulled them up there was no radishes to be seen! They sure did look nice in the pot though!

And I found some more seeds i'd bought awhile back, Purple and White Vienna Kohlrabi, I grew this last year purely because it looked funny and it's officially one of my favourite veges ever. I threw some in with the rest of my roast veges one night when I unexpectedly had extra guests and not enough potatoes, and everyone loved it. I had great pleasure showing them the ugly looking vegetable they'd just eaten.

I had so many plans for my lovely Tuesday afternoon, but I think now i'll be hunting through seed websites, wondering what exciting new things I should try next!

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