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We have the same compost bin as yours and it's fantastic. We don't have any lawn so we never put in grass clippings, but most of our kitchen waste goes in, especially small paper items like serviettes, tissues and toilet rolls. Also all the usual stuff like citrus from the trees and leaves collected from around the property. But the most beneficial thing are the worms. We also have a thriving worm farm and my husband transferred some of the population explosion into the compost bin. They are truly remarkable and what comes out the bottom, seemingly like magic, is the most amazing black soil you can imagine. Give it a go, you can probably purchase them locally or on the internet. Best of luck. Kim

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Comment by Kathy Fathers on February 18, 2011 at 7:58am
I am new to ooooby, but garden on a really small section and manage to produce most of my food.  I do live on a corner section and use the council land as well.  I have been told there is a ooooby group in Tauranga, but being not used to this site - or twitter or facebook, I am not sure how to get onto it.  Any help please, gratefully accepted.  I compost and have three worm farms, and they certainly make a difference.  I have been gardening here for over 20 years, and most of it organic.  Have you tried black plastic bags for compost? They rot the material fast - and are reuseable.

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