Before I left for 3 months travelling, I set up a little backyard garden, so the Man of the House (MOTH) could enjoy the fruits of my labour in my absense.

My parting instructions were..... "and to keep the herbs from going to seed, just pluck the flowers off"

That was all he heard. "pluck the flowers off"

So on my return the garden hadn't produced too much.

In discussions with MOTH he proudly told me how he had been plucking the flowers off diligently..... on the zuchinni, beans, peppers, and the basil.

OMG no wonder our poor garden wasn't producing.

I have a little bit of garden wisdom to share with my dear MOTH

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Comment by Robyn Wolfe on February 6, 2011 at 9:58am
I know the feeling!  Early on in our married life, my MOTH came in with a big smile and proudly announced he had been doing some weeding.  I was puzzled.  Weeds?  "Well done. Show me what you did"  Out we went to see.  He was promptly banned from going anywhere near the garden ever again.  He had pulled out all the yams.  So I do the garden and the lawnmowing - and he does the dishes!

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