We've got ducks! I must have checked on them about 10 times today, but despite the constant intrusion they seem to be settling in well. We have four beautiful cayuga ducks - three female and one male. They came home yesterday with me via a 2 1/2 hour car trip, then two ferry trips (from devonport into the big city, then across to the island), then the final car trip home. There were a few protest quacks but overall they coped quite well. Although they did look a bit miserable all huddling together on the rolly waiheke ferry, especially as we got a doozy thunderstorm as well.

They are for my new 'food forest' area, and are hopefully going to keep the slugs and snails under control, spread a bit of fertiliser around, provide some eggs, provide some ducklings for the children to nurture, and maybe even some ducks for the pot. I've been much more excited by them than I have been by chickens, not sure why, but I find them really appealing. But am slightly apprehensive now that I am responsible for something living that is not a plant. If my plants die I can just chuck them in the compost heap and no one knows, but I think even M might notice if a duck or two goes missing. I have been practicing for the upcoming responsibility actually - I've managed to keep a sourdough starter alive that someone gave me for almost a month now.

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Comment by Fi and Steve on October 5, 2009 at 4:37pm
Hi Christy,well done on your garden,i really like the terrace idea.Very beautiful ducks!! can i book some ducklings in the future? We are just denailing some wood,(with the help of our current wwoofer Ian) that Steve got from a job last week and hope to use this as the sides of our chook house.We are working towards getting 2 little Irish Dexters(milking cows) next year,so will have some good Dairy products to trade.Would love to have a look at your garden if you ever have a tour,thanks Fi


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