voted early last week so spent the morning gardening:)

the forecasted bad weather never eventuated and enjoyed a glorious sunny day. planted pip grown blackboy peach and apricot trees at home, dug out couch from saffron bed and buried Bokashi bucket contents & coffee grinds into one of the fallow beds earmarked for potatoes at the community garden.

transplanted self sown perpetual spinach, ragged jack kale and chamomile - all originally grown from seed Kali shared with me - ragged jack are 2nd generation self sown seedlings.

at home, repotted freesia rose cutting and topped up container grown plants with worm casts.

sowed more Seville Orange pips - already have three pip grown trees that have survived four winters without protection, they've been set back a couple of times but are still alive, hesitate to say thriving :)

quince pips sown back in May have germinated, lost seedlings sown a few years back to neglect:(

happy gardening everyone!

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