Feeding the city series of articles...

This is a series of articles that profiles farmers, businesse owners and workers and agtivists who are reinventing urban food systems as this picture of Brooklyn's Eagle Street rooftop farm shows.

The series explores the many alternative food systems taking root in major cities around the US, with profiles of New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland,Philadelphia, and Seattle and agtivists such as Annie Novak, who’s
farming a rooftop in Brooklyn (above), and Gene Fredericks, who’s got a wildly ambitious plan for abandoned big-box retail stores in blighted urban neighborhoods.

It also has practical advice - painless ways to compost, even if you live in a studio apartment, and some of the ingenious places that urbanites have found to grow food.

The thorny issue of “food justice,” and making sure low-income neighborhoods have access to healthy
fresh food are also discussed and some intersting reading on nouvelle food trucks that are serving up Slow Food-esque fast food to middle-class, but budget-conscious hipsters.

And that’s not all. Public Produce author Darrin Nordahl takes you on a tour of towns that are growing food, not flowers, around public buildings; Kerry Trueman spotlights cities that are leading the way in agriculture-friendly
; and Daniel Nairn explores the limits of “agricultural urbanism,” a city-planning model that evangelists believe is key to the livable cities of the future.

Fascinating stuff!

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Comment by Denise on November 16, 2010 at 8:40pm
yeah, I agree Earl and sorry for not moderating your comment quickly
Comment by Earl Mardle on November 11, 2010 at 9:19am
Thanks for putting these articles up Denise, they are a great resource.

I'm especially interested in the people who are trying to think about appropriate use of the land available, and not just slapping in gardens everywhere as well as keeping an eye on the issues of scale and commercialism.


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