We have a nice new garden bed made from macrocarpa sleepers which has been sitting waiting for a few weeks with hardly anything in it. On the weekend we finally got out there and sowed seeds: beetroot, radishes, red onions and carrots, as well as a packet of parsley seed which turned up in the cupboard with an expiry date of Aug 2008 -- it's been lost since we moved in here! Germination rate will probably be a bit low, so I just spread it around a bit and will hope for pleasant surprises. Last year the beetroot did well and the radishes didn't seem to grow properly before going to seed; onions always flourish in the soil here, but we've never had success with carrots... still, worth another go with a different variety.

We have an embarrassingly large punnet of leek seedlings -- even shared around it's more than we can cope with! Two rows of leek seedlings have been in for a couple of weeks; the gardening book says leeks should be planted in early summer, not in spring, so they may not do anything for a while yet but they'll have a head-start when their time comes. About fifty more are still in the punnet waiting to go in once we figure out where to put them!

Also put in an oregano plant today. I saw a picture in a cookbook of a meal garnished with fresh oregano and just had to have some growing again. And the rosemary bush by the steps is going crazy and needing to be cut back, so there will be roast potatoes with rosemary some night this week.

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