Food Sovereignty - beginnings, ends, means

Here is demonstrated one end-solution which the globalisators are aiming for ... 

and will get when they have little to face in the way of national political restraint:

If you value growing then your heart will go out to these peasant farmers
and what has been done to their heritage, countryside and rights. 

Is it exaggerating to suggest that a similar fate awaits N.Z. farmers and citizens?  
Perhaps. But consider how far we have already been shifted in that direction.  

For instance:  of the big three of global transactional commodities
- Food, Energy, Money - it is food which is actually the most 
essential on a daily basis, but the least controllable at the national level.

So when the WTO (=U.S.) developed its 'Free Trade' (post-GATT) agenda it was
the surrender of national Food Sovereignty that was such a key issue. 

That's right folks ... N.Z. is now required by international treaty to import
no less than 5% of its national food supply from our 'Free Trade' partners. 

So if you think that Food Sovereignty might be an issue that is worth 
boning up on for the sake of our country's future, then here are some 
websites/ newsletters to get you started: NyeleniLa Via CampesinaGRAIN


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Comment by Tim Jacobsen on March 4, 2011 at 10:24pm
dam I wish there was something they could really do about it, other than shooting those idiots in power... NZ, Yes a similar fate awaits if people don't wake up to how we're being shafted by internationals. It's vitally important we keep up the good work of Ooooby and any local growing mechanism and if some crazy law comes into play then we must unite everyone who has a brain and directly get that law out of THIS country! How dare anyone say a farmer can't use their own seeds, that makes my blood boil!
Comment by hotfrog on February 15, 2011 at 3:29pm

@Kali ... Yes I agree, N.Z. could feed, house, shoe and fuel itself several times over.
So why do we allow for politicians that beat us down with the lie that we are 'poor'.

I'd be interested in your suggestions on how to raise awareness about these issues.

Should we put together a Garden Party for the coming election -
- where all candidates have to have an organic-certified garden?

"Do you want your country to be 
  a factory, a farm, or a garden?  
Blossom again, vote the Garden Part

Comment by Kali on February 15, 2011 at 1:10pm
They wont even release the fine print of the free trade deals the government signs  on our behalf, you can be sure the US will make it mandatory for us to take their damn GE crops and their laws that it is unfair or confusing (!) to label GE food or even state that something is GE free... downhill slope certainly. NZ has such an advantage from our geographical loction, overseas markets are crying out for genuine organic  GE free produce, will our governments into the future protect it? probably not... NZ could produce all its own food, that would be true food sovereignty, but all our best is grown for export and we have to pay international commodity prices, ludicrous. There definitely needs to be some awareness raised about these issues in NZ.
Comment by Mishell Ivy-Rose on February 9, 2011 at 11:54pm

Thank you for posting this very moving information.  I feel for these poor farmers and their families and I can see for sure that the whole world is on a downward slide towards poverty. Every year the cost of living rises and I am disturbed to think how our future generations will survive.

Gardening and growing your own food is a luxury and a privilege and I am more motivated than ever to turn the entire lawn into food. :)

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