Free to a good home - two lovely birds

We have regretfully decided to offer our two lovely chooks free to good home.  They are Loman Lite, which is quite a new breed to New Zealand, look like brown shavers but with different coloured legs.  We got them early January 2010, when they were 14 weeks old, so they're coming up to 3 years old later this year.  Hatchery vacciinated.

They have been excellent layers - Sophie (darker feathers, on the left) laid for two years before going into a moult.  Sally, on the right, is the only one currently laying we think - we're getting an egg a day at the moment.

The girls free range in our backyard, we are giving them to a new family because it is no longer practical for them to free-range there and our coop is not one that can be moved.

The girls come with any feed we have left (layer pellets, grit), their feed container, which you can just see in the background of the photo below) and watering container.

Let me know if you are interested - we are in Te Atatu, West Auckland, new family would need to collect them from us.

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