I've been excitedly watching my garlic come up, and may sort of be going out to check the patch most mornings... I've got a total of 9 garlic sprouts so far! That's not actually all that many - I probably planted about 50. :D

Not much going on in the garden at the moment, otherwise... My few winter crops are slowly doing their thing. I'm waiting for cabbages (red and standard), bok choi, snow peas, lettuces, and spinach to be ready. We've been steadily using the celery, silverbeet, and beet spinach. I did plant out lots of strawberries this weekend. The bulk of them went into one of those plastic planters donated by the aunt-in-law (which I don't like the design of but beggars can't be choosers!), and some into other random pots wherever I could fit them!

I had to send my broccoli off to the compost heap because it was bolting. The spot I put it in didn't get nearly enough light so it was inevitable they wouldn't do well... Oh well, this year has been largely about experimenting, figuring out what works and doesn't.

I can't wait until spring! I've got lots of new seeds to try, some unusual veggies to grow, and probably not nearly enough room. :D

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Comment by Sonya on June 29, 2009 at 9:08pm
I would have if they weren't a bog standard garden centre variety. :) I have heirloom seeds now which I'll be saving seeds from!


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