So, I finally potted up the piece of ginger that sprouted in my fruit bowl. I found info for growing ginger in NZ here:
After reading this I decided to grow my ginger in a pot. Its on the patio under some of that plastic roofing stuff (having a mummy brain moment...), so it has filtered light and is protected from frost and wind. Its also by the back door where I will remember to water it :)

The main garden has taken off as well...definitely Not naked anymore. I'm loving the borage, even though its kind of taking over. I am now eagerly awaiting the first tomatoes...the seem to be taking forever to ripen up!!

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Comment by Sarah Walsh on July 20, 2011 at 12:55pm
Hey Rachael, the ginger didn't survive the winter. I think my partner dug it up to see if it'd grown, and I never got round to replanting it.  You should give it a go though! no harm in trying, right?
Comment by Rachel Rose on July 19, 2011 at 6:02pm
Hi Sarah, I'm interested in growing ginger (given I love eating it) -- thank you for the encouragement and the link. How's it gone? I figure Hamilton must be about as cold as Whanganui, if it will work for you, should work here is my thinking :-)
Comment by Sarah Walsh on January 18, 2010 at 1:01pm
The tyres in this photo don't have anything growing in them - they've just been temporarily dumped there because they weren't being used :)
I do have potatoes in tyres though, off to the right of this pic, one stack is 2 high and one is 3 high. I've never grown potatoes in tyres before, so we'll see how they do.
Comment by Earl Mardle on January 18, 2010 at 12:53pm
You might need to give the ginger a bit more coddling as the weather cools down. We grew our first lot in the greenhouse and it produced roots that we could use but not many, this year we have half a dozen pots and we are keeping them in the greenhouse again to simulate the tropical climate. When we get our permanent greenhouse there will be a permanent bed for it.

Congratulations on the Borage, its great stuff and will now spend the rest of your life trying to take over the garden. We figure if we have to pull something out, it might as well be something we can afford to leave as well and borage fits the bill.

Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen as well in Ak. This time last year we were getting nearly 2Kg a day from the plot and had been for a couple of weeks. But this year's crop, although superior in size and flavour, are only just about to break the 1KG a day barrier. Waaaay late. I doubt we'll get any aubergines this year and even the capsicums will be hard pressed to put in a bid.

I see the tyres. What are you growing in them? We have a dozen stacks 2 high growing spuds almost all year round. At the moment we are only getting 2.5Kg or so from each stack and if you know how to do better, I'd love the lesson.

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