The weeks have slipped by and while I read about what everyone else is up to in their garden, I haven't been near mine except to pick a few things.

I picked my first and only gerkhins, I added it to a salad. The cheery tomatoes are nearly finished, I have picked 3 small handfuls of green beans that were planted in late January in the hope that we would have a long autumn. We had already had our first snow fall of the year. Carrots haven't been too bad.

We got out into the garden this morning and pulled out all the sweetcorn, I have a few cobs which I now need to do something with. Pulled out all the pumpkine vine, have picked 2 pumpkins, but not sure if they will be eatable, will find out soon, we ended up clearing 3/4 of one garden and I have sown manure crop throughout.

I have lots of brassica seedlings in the 2 garden, I didn't plant them, so I think they are self seeded ones, it will be interesting to see what they produce. Still have potatoes in the ground.

Made some grape jelly and juice and Plum gin this afternoon. Since I am not a Uni for a week, I have brought fejoa's for jam and juice I think, plums for fruit paste, have apples off the tree for cider vinegar, apple chutney and cider and brought a marrow for a general chutney.

We brought a Liberty apple tree last year and got 4 apples this year from it, wonderful eating apples, crisp and sweet, look forward to a bigger crop next year.

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