Leafcutting Bee Cells AVAILABLE- ORDER NOW!

Leafcutting Bee Cells AVAILABLE- ORDER NOW!

Leafcutting Bee Cells containing dormant Leafcutting bees are shipped between Late May 2013 thru to December 14th 2013 and are available from www.creativewoodcraft.co.nz while stocks last.

They are offered for sale in sets of x 25
We suggest purchasing two sets to guarantee that you get a good colony going.

Creative Woodcraft Solitary Bee Houses are purposely designed to accept Leafcutting Bee Cells.


The characteristics of the leafcutting bee mean that it is a fascinating insect to have nesting on your property because the females can be safely observed by all and sundry as they go about their foraging and nesting activities. Also of course, they provide pollination for a wide range of plants both introduced and native.

Did you know that much of our food supply and many of the flowers and animals we love could not exist without pollinators like bees and butterflies? . Learn how you can help increase our native bee populations by providing Native Bees with healthy nesting sites and habitats. Register and Download our FREE ebook www.creativewoodcraft.co.nz

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