Once a year my wife and I spend a few days with friends touring a different wine region of NZ. This year it is Hawkes Bay. As the resident cardboard palate I am the designated driver so the rest of them can get slo... taste the local vintages.

However, since this always happens in November, there uis always a bit to do in the garden so we need someone with a keen gardening eye to look after the place.

We have two chooks, Flit and Snitch, who need feeding, watering, egg colelcting and letting in and out of their coop, a greenhouse that needs seeing to, multiple tubs growing goodies that will almost certainly need watering every day and a couple of dogs to care for.

Jazz is a 16 year old Westie with arthritis, (needing medication) poor hearing, deteriorating eyesight and a firm idea of who is boss, Muffin is a much younger Border terrier with a heart of gold and not a lot of brain.

We have a fairly advanced form of urban food production syndrome so you would be busy, but its a great place to live as well.

If you are interested, and could home-sit in East Auckland from the morning of the 24th to the evening of the 29th of November, friend me and we'll talk.

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