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My names Angela & I am very new to this site but have been regularly frequenting the farmers markets because I support the philosophy involved, thanks so much for your efforts in supplying nourishment for our bodies...yay!!


Because I love to cook, I became involved in a community project in Newmarket at a place called The Wise Cicada. The project was based on an idea implemented by Seva Cafe in India:

Seva Café is an experiment in the shared joy that comes from humble giving and selfless service. Our wholesome meals are cooked and served with love by volunteers and offered to our guests as a genuine gift, paid for in full by previous guests.

As more participate in the joy of giving, the more the experiment thrives. It begins with a single gift: first given, then received... multiplied, and given again, in a growing chain of kindness and care. We hope this Circle of Giving leaves you feeling more nourished, and inspired to carry the experiment forward.

All costs and income are made transparent, and 100% of any profits are used to support social service projects!

Welcome home.

Whilst being a very good intention it was not fully explained to the customer what the concept was all about & many felt uncomfortable having to give from their abundance, so the experiment after 14mths came to a close & myself & another chef decided we would continue to create high vibrational, plant based foods with reasonable prices charged.

Our first priority is the guest who comes into the cafe & we are very interested in healing & provided a warm haven for our guests to relax in, whilst being able to enjoy hemp milk smoothies, raw juices, raw food & slow cooked plant based food with explosions of taste, colour & texture. We love what we do, however because we have been doing organic through a wholesale supplier we are unable to sustain ourselves.

We are looking for a multitude of community growers to supply us seasonal fruit & produce on a weekly basis as I thinks its really special to be able to explain to our guests that the food was created with love from beginning to end & everything in it was grown with love & obtained from people who we have an ongoing relationship with.

We are interested in all fresh herbs, brassicas, carrots, potatoes, kumaras, garlic, onions, nasturtiams, wild greens, watercress, pumpkins, lemons, limes, cucumbers, borage, chives, beets & anything else you may have a surplus of.

We have been paying $20per kg for Mesclun salad, $10kg for cherry tomatoes & $4.60per kg for capsicums plus GST & we need to get our costs down in order to keep our prices at a reasonable level.

If anyone can email me what they have to offer with prices & willingness to supply us on a weekly basis I would appreciate it so much.

I truly believe if we deal directly with each other we can all make a little extra money whilst supplying healthy, ethically produced, nourishing food.


Many, many thanks & lots of blessings for listening....




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