My Strawberries, Courgette and Cucmber are covered in Mildew. I have been told that if I spary milk on the leaves this will solve the problem, but does anyone know how to avoid it in the first instance?

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Comment by Nick B on February 5, 2009 at 1:15am
very diluted vinger into water spreayed on the affected area is a cheap and organic way to do so. apply regulary. I read also, adequate ventilation is neccecary, i guess to eliminate water on leaves as christy mentioned.
Comment by Christy Ralphs on February 4, 2009 at 9:03pm
I'm no expert.... it's pretty hard to totally avoid mildew in Auckland with our climate if you're gardening organically but tips include never watering on the leaves, and spraying regularly with various mixtures - some based around milk, others based around baking soda like this one I suspect you need to be pretty disciplined about doing it regularly. Maybe another Ooooby member has tried this out? I try to keep my plants growing strongly with sufficient water and a seaweed brew, and then when they eventually succumb I figure they've done their dash. This year I've put in a 'late' crop of curcubits in a completely different place as the early ones start to wind down. Hope that's helpful. By the way there is a group on Ooooby called 'food growing questions and advice' which is a good place to post questions like this.

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