We have been in our new house since January this year and I have been busy trying to make sure we have a vege garden through the winter.

I found a Choko vine creeping through a tree in the back garden as well so I will try and get some of the fruit to sprout too.

Any way this is all a work on progress - making compost and getting plants to grow.

Photos attached to show you how far I have progressed since January.

We have also pruned up a nice Orange tree on the section - removing dead limbs and opening up the frame a bit.

I estimate about 100 oranges on this tree, we got to sample some when we were looking to buy the house...yummy.

A couple of weeks ago I also divided a Rhubarb plant we had and I got Mum and Dad to bring up some divided Rhubarb from thier palnt as well al up I have 8 crowns spouting now. We love Rhubarb crumble!

I will keep this Blog updated as veges mature - so far we have only had the Silverbeet from the garden.

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Comment by Daniel Martin on July 26, 2010 at 9:30pm
Had a busy weekend in the Garden - spring was in the air for 2 days at least as we had a massive frost this morning. -3degrees celcius, brrr

I purchased fruit trees from The Edible Garden (in Palmerston North) and they couriered them up to me, 2x apples called Tropicana and Montys supprise, 1x Plum called Hawera, 1x pear called Keifer, 2x grapes 1 called Black Dalmation and the other a White one called Bishop Pompalier, 1x elderberry, Adam.
Next year I think I will get a mulberry tree.

We have 4 chickens now - 2 are ex cage hens and the other 2 are Bantams which we got from a friend.

I was too late getting the crops in for winter greens but have a few things in to catch the start of spring.

Garlic is starting to pop its heads up now.
Working on extending the garden now. I will be putting on potatoes in the new bit of the garden.

Looking forward to spring now..
Comment by Daniel Martin on November 22, 2009 at 9:52pm
Its been a while since I was on here - since my last update I have cut down the old feijoa tree in the middle of my back garden - we have a new on to place in a mor appropriate place - along with antoher lemon tree - the old tree is full of borer and not producing well - it must be 50+ years old though - the orange tree is going well though , however I must cover it this winter as the frosts hit it hard and alot of fruit was lost. new garden area slowly getting there lots to do , mindyou we have only been in the house since the end of January this year I will attach some photos soon of how things are now.
Comment by Daniel Martin on April 28, 2009 at 9:25pm
Another week gone by, we are starting to get regular rain fall now and that has made the garden take off.
Brocolli are nearing maturity and cabbage also.

Attached are new photo of some Choko I kept to sprout - question --- now that it is sprouted what is the best thing to do? do I pot it and keep it indoors untill spring or just plant it out and let it recover after the winter?

The massive fruit drop of Feijoa has slowed down now we have given away untold kilos and I have also picked up untold kils and added to the compost bin as well - I will be giving this very old tree a prune before winter is over - it is about 5 meters high and would just as wide, it produces very sweet fuit also.

I seperated dome silverbeet and Broccoli plants I had sown late March and will be sowing another 6 broccoli seeds soon to keep the cycle going.

I was in the garden late last night and was greeted by an Opossum on the shed roof - strange because we are in the middle of town - but maybe not so strange as we also have a resident Morepork in our block too!
Comment by Daniel Martin on April 20, 2009 at 4:11pm
20/4/09 - It is finally raining!!

Buckets & Buckets of Feijoas at the moment - My Girls are doing their best to eat them all :) but no chance of keeping up with the fruit that is dropping at the moment.

We are keeping only the biggest fruit and giving it all to our friends and family - the rest is filling up my compost bins really fast!!

Harvesting Radishes and Silverbeet, Peas I sowed on 29/3/09 are all are germinated now - a few no shows so I will fill those gaps with some more seed.

Carrots I sowed 23/2/09 (Egmont Gold) Started popping up on 3/3/09 - as at 20/4/09 have green tops about 150mm high and roots are about 100mm long - slowly fattening up - will thin them when they get a bit of colour in them and will make good baby carrots.

Vege Seedling I bought on 10/2/09 (Brocolli, Cabbage, Cauliflower) are all growing well after the hard time they got from the green caterpillars (dealt to them with regular Derris Dust application) 20/2/09 noticed 50mm size Brocolli head on one of the plants - yummy will be eating them soon.

The Rhubarb I divided late March is sprouting new leaves.

Vege Garden is growing well.

Time to start planning for the spring vege garden :)


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