Well, after all my weeding, digging, raking, fertilizing and planting, my garden is still generally looking a bit naked. I really do prefer the over grown look. I can't wait for all the seedlings I've planted to mature into a lovely, lush wilderness again. Still, its been worth it. Normally fatalities to slugs and snails would have been high, and so far most of what I've planted has survived. The chickens did a good job of eating the slimy creatures and all the weeding I've done has made sure that any left haven't anything to hide in. I'm about to mulch everything before it gets too hot, but I'm a little nervous that this will just give the slugs something to hide in :/
I started off trying to plant by the mood calendar, but gave that up because I just have to find time to do stuff when I can (3 small boys keep me busy most of the week). I'm having fun learning about companion planting though and working on planting 'guilds'...like celery, lettuce, parsley, peas. And tomatoes with borage.
The berries are doing well this season and there are lots of baby berries all over them....hopefully there's enough to share with the birds!

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