Thankfully the gerkhins and courgettes are looking brighter, I thought I was going to lose them all. Basil is still sulking, the tomatoes in the glasshouse are taking off. I brought a chilli and pepper plant which are also in the gHouse.

I have been busy making kefir water and the milk culture. The yoghurt is a little sour, but is good in cooking. the kefir drink is doing wonders for my system and keeping me regular. Have lots of extra grains,will need to start another one I think.

Starting to make pesto as we have lots of rocket, might use some as Christmas presents. Have made some elderflower champyne can't wait to see what it tastes like, hopefully good enough to serve for Christmas. Its always a thrill to be able to cook a complete recipe using all my own ingredients.

using lots of lemons so have brought a lemon tree, another plant that will be moving with us in 2 years when we move again. First year successfully complete 2 to go.

Had a dig around the potatoes but nothing as yet and I can't remember when I planted the first lot.

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