Well my garden is going out into serious weeds now that summer is over. The only great crop left is cucumbers - telegraph. They are fantastic. The figs have near enough finished, tomatoes are tasting ucky now ??? dunno why but they are totally past it. I made the last of my basil into pesto and froze in ice cubes for the winter soups, I have bottled and bottled peaches from mums tree, and apples - and have a freezer full of tomatoes that I have run out of jars for.
My chickens should be laying in about a week or so, and just when I should be sorting out my winter planting of trees etc I will be soaking up the sun in Aussy for about 6 weeks - so it just might be next summer when I can get a proper garden going again. Although I will plant up the strawberries and some basics so when I get home hopefully I will have some goodies. Globe Artichokes will be ready then. They are just flowering now.
Have a great day.

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Comment by Pete Russell on March 30, 2009 at 1:40pm
Great blog. Thanks Lee. Do you have a picci you can add to the top of the blog? 25kb is a good size.


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