Well I got busy the other day and made some pesto. I had some basil that needed picking and since I haven't made it before thought it would be interesting. According to my beloved it worked out well, so I have a 330g jar in the fridge, though somehow I don't think it will last long there. I really do need to freeze some basil for the winter.

I cheated and went to a local strawberry patch and picked some strawberries for christmas soup and to make some jam, since I have no run out of my autumn jams. Whilst my daughter says the jam is a little running (and that is only looking at in in the jar) she is quite keen to pick some more strawberries for me to make her some jam to take back to Christchurch in Feb. Off course with PYO I picked far too much so I am having a go at making Strawberry cordial.

The funny things about this garden is that I haven't made jam before though I did bottle 40lbs of beetroot in day about 20 years ago, that probably put me off doing anything else. When my daughter left home I suddenly had grapes and Fejoia's coming out my ears, so I made jam and juice with the Fejoia's and a few cakes and gave away lots of grapes. I have plans for the grapes this year, apparently it makes good juice.

I am enjoying the Grow it Cook it book by Sally Cameron. Funny enough I had a look through a cookbook that I brought about 20 years ago called More from the Cooks Garden. There are some nice vegetarian receipes in it, but also lots of information about herbs and gardening in general, which I never noticed until now. It is funny how things change.

It looks like the Borage is close to flowering, I am looking forward to seeing that happen and of course eating the flowers, but for now it is a companion plant.

I am still dreaming of the day that I start to harvest tomatoes, gerkhins, courgettes etc, its not far away now. I know that in a month or so I wll be wishing for it all to slow down but that is then.

I found out the other day that I have plant rubarb in the wrong place, the poor things are in full sun so I have rigged up a shade cloth from an other net curtain to give it some shade, hopefully that will be enough until I can move it this winter.

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