Dug 4 more potato plants up yesterday. 2 plants had very little and the other 2 had plenty...how strange! However, they're not very large, about the size of a golf ball. I shall start replanting the space with onions...not much point in putting in more potatoes if they're not going to do all that well. The rest of the garden is doing well, apart from the dwarf beans and peas, so I am going to resow those. Today I am planting corn/beans/squash - the three sisters - Indian method of companion planting. We've had several weeks of plenty with the mesclun and lettuce pickings and the first sowing of turnips is all but eaten...they were lovely! There is a second sowing of turnips on the way up now, same with radish. The broad beans are flowering...and about time, but the climbing peas are slow. Some of the tomato plants are still establishing while some (Hearty Red, Sweet 100, Bloody Butcher) are doing pretty well. Hearty red already has fruit set and plenty more flowers. Florence Fennel is coming along nicely and we've been using the tasty leaves in salads anyway. Celery is growing ok as is celeriac. All the herbs are doing great.

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Comment by Yvonne Nikolaison on December 1, 2009 at 3:43pm
I am glad to hear that your potatoes are doing well and that some have nothing and others do. There is hope for my potatoes yet.


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