37 garlic sprouts and counting!

This weekend we had a mad planting frenzy - stuff that is usually sown in early spring, but we thought we'd experiment and see how they go inside, on an open shelf in front of a window. We've had to wrap it in frost cloth to keep the dear darling (*&@#*&@#*) kittens from playing with the soil... I already lost a spinach seedling to Stella. Little snot.

Last week, Hester let me borrow her NZ Gardener fruit tree book which was very very interesting and quite inspiring! We've got 4 half wine barrels to be planted up whenever we get a chance, and I think I'll put a couple of fruit trees in, then put beans and perhaps tomatoes in the other two. I'm not sure about using the bean 'teepee' support for the bean barrels, because it doesn't seem like a very good use of space. I wonder whether putting some sort of support around the outside edges of the barrel (in a semi-circular shape) would work? I could plant the beans around the edges, then something low growing in front. Hm.

At this stage I'm thinking a tahitian lime would be great in one of the barrels, and a dwarf granny smith apple in the other. I would love love LOVE to have my own granny smiths to crunch on. I would also love one day to grow my own oranges, but I'm a bit wary of going to all the work of growing an orange only to find out they're horrible... Can anyone suggest a nice sweet flavoursome variety that is available as a dwarf tree?

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