Spring is well underway in the garden and I'm eating new carrots, baby leeks and fresh peas.
Today I put more peas in along with sweet peas and beans. I also planted three rows of potatoes in my dedicated potato bed which has been enriched with horse manure. Will get some blood and bone to use as a side dressing. I used Neem granules sprinkled in the trench before I planted the seed potatoes. Two rows of Swift which are real fast 60-90 days and an unknown variety a friend gave me. I have some room left for a main crop of Agria spuds which I will plant a little later so hopefully I will have some to see me through winter. The ones I planted today should be ready for Christmas lunch! Also planted a few more lettuce to keep the salad plot going.
The mountain Paw paw has baby fruit on it and the Blueberries have flowers. The Monty's surprise apple has buds and all the seedlings of various different things are nearly ready to go in the garden. I have a few different companion plants to try out this summer and have started using more homeopathy in the garden. Perhaps I'll think about getting a biodynamic remedy intergrated to this summer. A simple soil conditioner maybe. Chooks are good and getting eggs everyday and the worms are happily multiplying in the bathtub worm farm.
Loving it.

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