haven't quite figured it all out, but its nice to know you are all out there probably like myself spending these sunny days in the garden. I have just planted half of mine at my new rental...such a joy to have a small patch....I want to have chickens as well and I see there is a group which is wonderful as I've never done chickens....so its coop building 101.No pictures yet I am assailed by tech dreak on computer I have camera issues and on the other sound driver blues. My house is very cold so I've been working on it not this site or getting to things but hopefully that will change soon.

David re your post....diversity is great...we all have valid points....this is about different values in the first place, I think if we just keep backing each other the whole thing will continue to flourish,because we want all the goodies don't we....as far as getting through to the powers that be....well we must assume that we're getting what we ask for and just put everyones needs in a logical order.

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