Summer has to be my favourite time of year for the garden.
It seems everything is abundant and lush! Temperatures seem down a bit this year, so everything is cropping a little later when compared to last summer. The bonus is that moisture is holding better in the soil. I've also been stuffing straw mulch around the plants wherever possible which is also helping keep the moisture in.
As usual I have packed as much as possible into the raised beds, so a lot of plants are growing over the top of each other!
Here are some photos taken last week....

Garlic Harvest.


Beans - Yates Purple King. These have been a favourite in my family for generations!


Mesclun salad mix.

Welsh onions.


Tomatoes - Kings Ace.


More garlic!

Zucchini - Heirloom "Costata Romanesco"

Expert bean picker.

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Comment by Kali on January 14, 2010 at 2:59pm
wonderful, I am so jealous, if you think you have had it cool, spare a thought for us west coasters! everything of mine is way behind yours, the costata romanesco are one thing growing well at my place too though, lovely big tasty zucs. Mr expert bean picker knows the good stuff!


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