I have been thinking of these little creatures a lot this week with it being "Bee Week" in New Zealand and all. It is our first "Bee Week" and unfortunately there has been very little publicity for it, mainly scattered over the news websites. Now I wonder how that is going to reach everyone? Here's a link to a release from our Prime Minister John Keys in the Bee Hive...As busy as a Bee

With my name meaning Honeybee I have always had a connection, I love honey (it's my preferred sweetener) and the special healing properties of Manuka honey, that is unique to my country New Zealand. It's such a versatile natural super food and medicinal elixir. And I too have a sting and I know when to use it appropriately. Thankfully for me I don't die when I do, though I probably should.

The thought of these little animals dying off really frightens me. Without bee's we have no ecosystem. Without an ecosystem we all cease to live.

Therefore we all need to do our best to protect these busy little stingers whatever country we live in. Don't take them for granted. If you use pesticides, weed killer or other chemicals in your gardens or farms, be careful where you use them and try to adopt sustainable practices.


The Buzz on Bee's (from Stuff.co.nz)

90,000 hives in New Zealand. Bees pollinate fruit, crops, pasture and vegetables (I'm adding nuts & seeds to crops, Also apparently Feijoa's and Grapes are the only fruits not pollinated by bee's)

65,000 bees in a hive at the peak of the pollination season

5.85 billion bees in registered hives in New Zealand

12,375 tonnes of honey is produced annually, with almost half exported

$71 million value of exported honey

One-third of everything we eat is pollinated by bees. (Well I actually think it exceeds one third - bee's are also responsible for the grass and grains that animals, birds and maybe some farmed fish consume - And being a vegetarian myself then this fraction shoots through to nearly three thirds!)

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Comment by Frank Buonanotte on May 21, 2009 at 3:56pm
Interesting info. Manuka Honey is definitely gaining a lot of notoriety for its amazing healing properties. We'll be seeing a lot more of it in the future.
Comment by Paul & Melissa T on May 9, 2009 at 9:33am
There's actually a natural hive in my attic. I know they shouldn't be there, but they aren't harming anyone. In the too hard basket at the moment, we have a flat roof house, so space up there is limited.

If anyone has advice on how to remove them safely, then by all means let me know.
Comment by Hester on May 9, 2009 at 9:30am
Thanks for posting this Melissa.I love bees too and have been troubled by fluctuating numbers in our garden the last 2 seasons.Bees have been an important part of our culture over the centuries as well as essential to the wellbeing of our ecosysems.Lets all plant bee friendly plants and make sure there is a happy hive or 2 in our local areas.

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