This is an exerpt from Wally Richards letter.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article entitled When Agriculture Goes Mad which talked about the problems that GE or GO (Genetic fiddling) was causing in America, South America and India. This week I received an email which linked to a clip of an interview with Dr Don Huber. The email stated: Monsanto has unleashed a micro-monster that could kill us all. That's according to Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who's convinced that Monsanto's genetically engineered "RoundUp Ready" crops are responsible for a new micro-monster that's causing an outbreak of new plant, animal and human diseases. The link is If you have access to the web I think it would be of interest to you and your family to watch. What the itty gritty of the 57 minute interview is about is in regards to glyphosate the active chemical in Roundup and a number of other herbicides available currently. It is my person belief that glyphosate will prove to be one of the worst chemicals that mankind has ever invented and the interview goes along way to proving this point. I am sure that one day we will find that previously banned chemicals such as DDT, Agent Orange, Lindane etc were a fraction of the problem glyphosate is turning out to be. Glyphosate does not bio-degrade in the soil it has a half life of about 6 months or more dependant of soil type. This means that land cleared of weeds by spraying glyphosate prior to planting, the chemical will still be present in the soil to be taken up by new plants. If these are food crops that means its in the food you eat and yet in New Zealand NZ Food Safety does not test for the chemical to my knowledge and there is no safety requirements. As glyphosate is used extensively on farms it means the chemical is in our meat and dairy products also. Glyphosate greatly harms soil life. Glyphosate restricts the uptake of valuable minerals in food crops, thus the reason that our food crops lack the mineral levels that they had 20 or 30 years ago. If the minerals are not in our food crops in the levels that our bodies require then we are at a health risk. This also applies to animals as well. Home gardeners have a fantastic advantage of growing healthy crops without the use of glyphosate plus they can add all the minerals from the oceans and rocks to ensure great healthy food. The problems with glyphosate are compounded overseas where GE crops of Roundup Ready are planted and consumed by humans and animals. In the interview Dr Huber tells how some dairy farmers are now loosing 70% of their calves cause they abort early. Lab studies has found that glyphosate causes this problem in lab animals. It is also interesting to note that in areas where glyphosate is  used a lot, the birth problems of people nearby are well above national averages. It is also known that glyphosate affects the sperm count in mammals which includes us humans and as a general statement the average male sperm count in America is half of what it was 20 years ago. Thus the need for artificial inseminations. It gets worse; in so much as, any scientists in America that try to determine the safety of glyphosate lose their funding or lose their jobs. The only information comes from the companies that have a financial interest in glyphosate and GE. Its these companies that now fund most of the research in Universities and they are not inclined to fund anything that is not inn their interest. Even the Government Food Safety authority in America has obviously been hoodwinked by the chemical companies as they allow GE crops to be process into human and animal food chains. In fact this is to such a stupid point now that food processors are sued if they have on their labels GE free. Thus I urge you to listen to the interview and make sure this madness never happens in our country. There is no reason that we should not have full labelling of our food, country of origin etc so we can make healthy choices. (now and in the future) Your health is in your garden and in the soil that you have, look after the later and the former will be by far the better for it.

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Comment by Kevin Mayes on December 24, 2011 at 11:58am

"Glyphosate greatly harms soil life. Glyphosate restricts the uptake of valuable minerals in food crops, thus the reason that our food crops lack the mineral levels that they had 20 or 30 years ago"

There is very little evidence that glyphosate is directly toxic to lower organisms, rather the continuous use of glyphosate in Roundup-Ready crops destroys the plant diversity (weeds) that is needed to support a healthy mycorrhyzal population, and it is, in fact, mainly these mycorrhyza that "quarry" the minerals from the soil particles. Also, several decades of production of heavy-yielding crops has depleted soil micronutrient levels far faster than they can be replaced from the natural subsoil. many of these minerals, eg. Selenium & Cobalt are not required for healthy plant growth therefore farmers tend not to replace them as they do the essential plantfood minerals but are nevertheless essential to the health of humans and other mammmals. "wild food" such as Brazil nuts and seaweeds are good sources of these micronutrients.

  Glyphosate it is conjecturally associated with several cancers, although as Robyn says, researchers tend not to go looking for them as to do so brings a world of trouble onto their shoulders from the agri-industry.....


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