Another week gone by, we are starting to get regular rain fall now and that has made the garden take off.

Attached are new photo of some Choko I kept to sprout - question --- now that it is sprouted what is the best thing to do? do I pot it and keep it indoors untill spring or just plant it out and let it recover after the winter?

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Comment by Earthwhile on April 29, 2009 at 7:08pm
I love Choko's and have an overabundance in my garden for several reasons.

- they are prolific and low maintenance
- they outcompete other climbers like convulvulus (morning glory) and german ivy
- they provide abundant food
- fruit
- you can stir fry the fresh shoot tips
- you can eat the roots (after the first year)
- abundant biomass for composting.
- one of the few plants really producing food hard out in the middle of winter

My fave recipe is Choko fried in coconut cream with Tamarind and a little garlic and chilli.

Obviously they need to be picked and consumed earlier than the ones pictured as they get woody
Comment by Hester on April 29, 2009 at 6:23pm
I've found the choko we grew to be pretty tough.If youdon't get frosts you could plant them out.Make sure you give them lots of room they will climb and grow into a huge vine.Good for covering ugly sheds and such-like.
We just planted the whole choko in the ground and it sprouted up through the soil and grew.It took most of the summer to really get going and is now looking like a serious vine.
You could probably plant each one in a large pot with some potting mix and keep them in a sheltered spot until spring if you prefer.And then plant them out in the ground.
Depending on how big your garden is, you may only need one plant.


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