Source: Yes Magazine by Tina Chadwick

Crop Mob Atlanta is a new grassroots organization that’s going a step further than buying and eating local food—they’re actually going to the farms and volunteering on the weekends. From pulling weeds to watering, this all-ages and all-backgrounds team up every month or so to, literally, “mob” a local farm.

“We’ve lost a sense of connection that comes with farmers and farming,” says Kimberly Coburn, co-founder of Crop Mob Atlanta. “Nothing is more basic than the food we eat and we need to help people re-forge the relationship between food, land, people, and how each feeds the other.”

Coburn and her partners, Mike Lorey and Darby Weaver, formed Crop Mob Atlanta in May after reading an article about the concept in North Carolina. Sun Dog Farms, Weaver’s own farm, served as the inaugural location of the first mob in June. Since then, there have been two more major mobs and one mini-mob. More...

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