hmmm so about time for a bit of an update!

Several weeks ago, we mulched with grass clippings and crumbled "Pony Poo" on the surface around the veges in the vege patch (50c a bag from the nearby pony club)

Everthing GREW... big...

- Radishes are large and busrting their skins, but not all that spicey. Rather tasty in a stir fry and helps to use them all up.
- the Wong Boc (sp?) are massive and flowering faster than we can keep up. Some of the remaining plants are starting to get a bit big, and hardish in the base, but the leaves are still great.
- Celery, brussel sprouts, carrots, spinich leeks and some others are still a little way off.

The recent frosts haven't been too bad on the garden, When the lawn is white we can see that the vege patch is in the thick of it, but the only thing that really seems to have suffered is the lawn. Thank goodness we don't need to mow them as much now in Winter :)

Don't have any pics at the mo - will make sure I get some photo's next week.

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Comment by Chantel Smith on June 26, 2009 at 1:19pm
we have a bit of grass coming up, but I think that may be from our grass clippings too. I think we have come off quite lightly with the weeds considering we haven't really weeded anything!
Comment by Rachel and Andrew Dixie on June 26, 2009 at 1:08pm
Hi, did you get many weeds after applying pony poo directly? I've heard that horse poo generates lots of weeds but it would be so handy to use!


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