I have had an awful cold, so while I've wanted to do some work in my garden, I haven't been feeling up to doing much this week. That said, the awful weather hasn't given me much opportunity to get out there anyway! I did get a couple of things done though:

- built a new cloche for the lettuces from an old hose, bamboo stakes, and some clear plastic that our new mattress came wrapped in.
- moved the compost 'heap' into two wool fadges. One is full while the other only has a couple of spade fulls of 'compost in' and is my new working compost pile, hopefully leaving the other to keep rotting down and doing its thing. It's easier to keep the compost contained this way - it looks tidier and will make it easier to turn.

The garlic is still popping up like mad... 19 sprouts so far! :D

I really need to get to the garden centre for some potting mix because I want to get some more spinach started. 3 plants really wasn't enough, in hindsight. I need about 3 times that amount!

We harvested some bok choi a couple of nights ago and had it in a yummy stir fry... Will definitely keep growing it, yum.

Right... My energy is waning, blurgh.

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