Well if that did not inspire the walkers to go home and start growing food, nothing will..... it was wonderful to see 4 such different gardens, all providing winter greens, herbs, leeks, broccoli and other foods to the garden owners. The only thing missing in these Tasmanian winter gardens to me, from South Australia, is citrus.

image More and more people gathered in the Burton's Reserve Carpark and I was worried too many might turn up, after my chat on the radio with Peter Cundall on Saturday. The weather was fine and fresh as the group of..... gosh I forgot to count..... maybe 30 or more headed off across the estuary to the first garden.

While I was at home getting ready, I thought to take the old bell we had at our beach shack when I was a kid.... I think that is where it came from anyway.... and it proved very useful for keeping us on time!

Here is Tara....

and here we are at Tara's....image
Here is Jo....
and this is Jo's ...
This is Vojta...

everyone wanted to hear what Vojta had to say....
Here is Jilli...
imageand here is Jilli's recreation of a Roman milestone from Caesar's era, telling us that Lancashire (where Jilli comes from) is 12,820 miles in this direction!
image Here is Liz with her gorgeous old BBQ from the tip shop.... frying Bob's mushrooms and serving elderflower champagne. ...and the picnic lunch in the Cygnet Community Garden, with the flags of some of the countries participating in World Kitchen Garden Day 2010.

It was a fabulous day and I so look forward to maybe organising more walks like this is the future and to the Cygnet community gathering in its garden often, making it a real community garden.

Thank you everyone for making this such a happy and exciting day.

There are lots more photos here.

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